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Join the Conversation! What Is the Most Important Thing you Look for When Reviewing a Resume?

Resumes come in all shapes and sizes. What makes a resume stand out from the rest in the stack? Well, I recently reached out to our team to ask this very question, and their responses are sure to help employers and job seekers alike!

Take a read! And then leave a comment on our Facebook page letting us know what YOU look for when reviewing a resume. And if you’re a job seeker, let us know which of these tips you found most helpful!

Presentation and Format

“The most important thing I look for is the overall presentation of the resume, specifically consistency, formatting, and flow. This is your first opportunity to present yourself on a document (old school, piece of paper) so make it count! Resumes with different fonts and sizing with formatting that isn't consistent makes me think the candidate either doesn't care enough to proof their resume and/or just wants to be one of the first submitted.”

Sherry, On-Site Staffing Supervisor

“The overall format is a huge item for me. Keeping it clear and concise so that the individual reviewing it does not have to search for relevant information or overlook anything. Also, listing most recent work experience first and the rest in proper sequence.”

Jennifer, Director of Operations, Overland Park, KS

Grammar & Typos

“I look for spelling errors, grammatical mistakes, typos, and formatting issues. It shows a lack of attention to detail. If I catch them immediately I may not delve into the ‘meat’ of their experience to know if their background is a good fit; they've already removed themselves from candidacy at that point. Your resume is your sales pitch and needs to be triple checked for accuracy!”

Kristin, Program Manager, Hopkinton, MA


“I like to see if a candidate lists volunteerism on their resume. And not just what they did in college but what they continue to do. This can be through the community, with their church or children's school. Everyone leads very busy lives with family and work, so taking time to volunteer is extremely important to me.”

Anne, Client Relations Director, Plymouth, MN


“The most important thing that I look for in a resume is job stability. Someone doesn’t have to have a long work history, but it also shouldn’t show them “hopping” from one job to another.  There also shouldn’t be any unexplained holes in their work history.”

Robin A. Pritchett, National Director of Service & Implementation


“For me, what makes a resume stand out immediately is an indication of results. After seeing resume after resume that read like they were copied from the job description, the ones that stand out are the ones that say “here is what I was responsible for and here is what I accomplished during my time in this role.”

Matt, Client Operations Manager, Plymouth, MN

“Quantifying your results helps your resume stand out. It also lets the employer know that you have proven success and that you understand the importance of detail. Some candidates don’t include this information because they don’t know how to get it or they don’t think their work is quantifiable. This article demonstrates how just about anything can be made quantifiable.”

Kris Stipp, CSP

Work/Life Balance

“I like to see that they were working through their college and/or high school years. It shows me that they were able to maintain work life balance while attending school.”

Lizz, Group Managing Director, Minneapolis, MN

Long-Term Planning and Career Direction

“When reviewing a resume I try to understand the real reasons for job hopping as it may be a sign of poor interpersonal skills and lack of performance. We mostly work with temporary talent who work with other agencies, so I am always looking for people who plan and develop their skills with each hop.”

Kelly, Client Talent Manager, South St. Paul, MN

What a great list of tips! Ok, don’t forget to hop over to our Facebook page to share what the most important thing you look for when reviewing a resume. I look forward to reading your responses!